bountyblok adds zapier integration to expand gamification

4 min readOct 16, 2020


To enable developers and non-developers alike to utilize bountyblok’s powerful gamification engine, today’s announcement of a partnership with Zapier marks our biggest leap forward yet. This brings users of over 2,000+ applications simple plug-and-play API access to our unique way of rewarding their growing user base.

If you are familiar with any of Zapier’s integrated applications, you can now access the mechanics that games have used to keep their players engaged and focused: gaining XP points, leveling up, earning badges, and ranking on leaderboards. All of this only for interacting with the applications you want, in the way you want.

We couldn’t be more thrilled about the possibilities created after Zapier’s approval and acceptance of bountyblok’s API.

How You Can Benefit

If you want to encourage your users to perform any specific actions — retweet specific Tweets, submit a Typeform survey, complete a task on Asana — Zapier will notify bountyblok’s API. If there are any challenges currently matching the task, our rules engine will update your dashboard and keep you updated on each user’s progress.

Remove the need to be hands-on; keeping track of engagement and progression of your fans is now automated. Get back to creating content, building your brand, and growing your followers by freeing up your valuable time.

Get Inspired

Want to grow your following on Twitter? Reward each comment, like, or retweet containing your latest hashtag with XP. Easily track your most engaged users and reward them as they become your greatest ambassadors.

Want to get more feedback through Typeform surveys? Deliver badges to users upon form completion, incentivizing them to grow your understanding of your fans’ unique needs and persona profile.

Want to chat with your users directly over Telegram? Track and reward users who follow your announcement channel, and engage with other fans in your chat group.

The use cases are now truly limitless thanks to Zapier’s immense list of applications.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Stephane Bisson, Co-Founder and Chief Community Officer of EOS Nation:

As EOS Nation dove deeper into NFTs over the last few months, I saw the opportunity to create our fun Spicy Rare’s NFT collection in order to increase engagement on social media.

Combined with the tools offered by bountyblok and Zapier, I have been able to easily organize giveaway contests on Twitter, and track participation across multiple contests.

bountyblok allowed me to setup and track challenges with just a few clicks. No smart contract or development work was needed, which is perfect for a community manager like me.

And the best part is that everything is tracked on the EOS mainnet! 👌.

Anders Björk, Founder and Content Creator for anyobservation:

bountyblok has been a great product for me to build a stronger connection with my followers. The Zapier integration has enabled me to track engagement on Twitter and give my followers experience points and level ranks dependent on which content they interact with, and how.

This has proven very powerful to build up a strong, engaged community. In my case my biggest supporters get access to special chat rooms where we can discuss all topics covered on my YouTube and Twitter feeds.

Under The Hood

bountyblok leverages blockchain technology from both’s EOSIO protocol and the Algorand Foundation’s Algorand protocol. Achievements received, user XP earned, users leveling up, challenges completed, are all tracked on fully open and available blockchains. This means no one, not even bountyblok, can stand between you and your data. Nor can your user’s progress ever get lost or accidentally deleted. You worked hard to gain your followers, they worked hard to earn your rewards. bountyblok’s backend ensures you can deliver on your promise to each fan time and time again.

You can find additional information on how bountyblok can boost your Twitter presence via Zapier in our API Documentation.

If you’d like to understand how your application can benefit from the bountyblok platform, be sure to watch our video walkthrough and read our case studies to see how simple gamification can be! is a gamification platform powered by blockchain technology.

To find out how you can easily and quickly incorporate bountyblok into your project, we’d love to hear from you:

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