adds XP/leveling up, tracked on the EOSIO blockchain

Engage your users with fun game mechanics for non-gaming apps

Complete tasks, earn XP, level up — within your app

Earning XP (experience points) in order to level up while performing in-game tasks are core mechanics in many video games. These mechanics can be applied to non-game apps in categories such as education, fitness, travel, banking, and so on. The goal is to maximize user engagement and increase retention.

You can read this article to understand how these same reward mechanics have greatly improved several metrics for Duolingo, Strava, and Forest. has recently added the ability for apps to assign XP to individual tasks and entire challenges. This addition to the existing achievement titles, badges, and leaderboard points provides a full solution to companies for promoting user engagement via gamification to their app or website.

XP allows users to “level up” within your app. The Level Settings on the portal allows you to specify how you want your user levels to progress, and how much XP will be required to “level up”.

Level Progression for BaseXP=50 and Ratio=2


The smart contract will create transactions and time stamp them on the blockchain when a user earns XP and when they level up. The data will include what task was performed and how much XP was earned. This allows an audit trail of the user’s journey from Level 1 to Level 100. will also notify the app when a user “levels up” with the necessary payload allowing the app to optionally handle this event.


XP and levels can motivate users to perform more tasks within the app, complete challenges and earn rewards and prizes while increasing your app’s visits and retention. is a gamification platform powered by the EOSIO blockchain.

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Gamification on the Blockchain

Gamification on the Blockchain