Gamification on the Blockchain

Introduction to is a gamification platform used by third-party applications to create challenges and tasks that easily integrate with their existing product. Implementing gaming mechanics into applications highly motivates and promotes user engagement.

The software written by uses real world cases of gamification as a design guide, and the team works first hand with the applications it supports to continually evolve the functionality. supports the most used programming languages (C#, Python, PHP, Javascript, etc). Finally, the product leverages the power of the blockchain to provide a state of the art Software as a Service.

How Gamification Works

Engaging users on a constant basis is key for applications to not only maintain, but grow their user base and also their revenues. By defining clear tasks and goals and properly tracking the progress, users are incentivised to keep coming back and earn more points, rewards, badges, rankings, and sometimes even money.

Gamification is not a new concept — has been working closely with several applications to implement unique and efficient ways to incentivize user engagement.

Why Blockchain?

Rewards earned, badges and trophies won, and achievements completed are all tracked on the blockchain. Traditionally, this data would simply be stored on a centralized database by the application. This can lead to many negative results such as loss or manipulation of data, monetizing the users data without them having any say, and even censorship of certain users.

An achievement should belong to the user who has earned it, and blockchain technology can enable this by simply storing the information on a safe and secure decentralized database, i.e., the blockchain.


EOS is the largest blockchain network built off the EOSIO protocol, which was released by in June 2018. EOS is the highest performing public blockchain in existence today, supporting almost 20 millions transactions per day. Given the network size and high performance, launching on EOS is an obvious first choice.

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