gamification with Asana

3 min readJan 14, 2020

Engage your team with challenges and tasks, points, leaderboards and more

We are excited to announce our new gamification feature between bountyblok and Asana. bountyblok now allows Asana teams to create internal challenges and tasks tracked with points and achievements, allowing for simple tracking of when teammates have completed certain challenges.

This allows project managers to increase productivity by engaging employees, teammates or members of the Asana Projects they control to complete tasks while feeling engaged and motivated by earning rewards.

How it Works

Connecting Asana to bountyblok is quite simple and works via Asana’s OAuth 2.0 implementation. Project managers can then create a set of tasks on bountyblok that are linked to existing Asana workspaces and projects.

Projects on Asana

We can simply create an Asana challenge on bountyblok as shown below.

Example of a challenge that earns 100 score points
Example of a challenge that earns 100 score points

We can then create the task required to complete it:

Complete at least 3 tasks on Asana in the UI/UX project in the AcmeWorkspace workspace.

A bountyblok challenge task example

When a teammate marks an Asana Task as “Completed”, Asana will notify bountyblok APIs.

Asana Project Tasks

Tracking Tools, Progress and Leaderboard

Every time an Asana member or teammate marks an Asana Task as completed, Asana notifies bountyblok with the payload of the details where we match them with any ongoing challenges.

The table below displays completed Asana tasks and subtasks.

Asana Tracker Tool

Completed challenges are shown below.

Completed bountyblok challenges

Completed challenges earn members points ranking them into a leaderboard.

bountyblok leaderboard based on total challenges completed and score points earned

The ability to gamify your Asana workspaces will engage your team members, employees and other members by incentivizing them to be more productive. Easily motivate your team with bonuses, prizes, or any other reward you can think of. With our built in leaderboard, you’ll have members rushing to complete their tasks!

To find out how you can easily and quickly incorporate bountyblok into your project, we’d love to hear from you:

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