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At we are proud to announce a new feature for business gamification, enabling social follows and rewards based on Twitter actions. This feature will increase social media visibility and efficacy, while actually saving you marketing dollars.

Social media acquisition in the corporate and business space has always been a fine (and often expensive) art. While a large base of followers may seem like good optics, what happens when you want to actually engage your audience with an interactive contest or media push? Enrolled users ultimately drive efficiency, expansion and return on your marketing directives.

Building a high performance social media campaign that produces results isn’t easy. However, it is now much easier to measure the results and efficiency of your campaigns by utilizing’s Engagement Engine. Harnessing the speed and power of EOSIO Distributed Ledger Technology the Engagement Engine leaves a fully auditable trail on the blockchain. This can easily be used to reward your engaged users with digital assets or reward points, and allocating rewards to users for their Twitter actions: following, mentioning, retweeting, favoriting and commenting.

Stop spending thousands on social media growth hacker gurus. Instead, focus on running your own engaging contests, giveaways, and challenges by simply logging into bountyblok’s user-friendly interface and creating rule sets that drive users to what you want them to see.

Any business that runs a Twitter account can now easily dip their feet into the benefits of blockchain technology with zero friction added to their user experience. Drive sales, feedback, and viral sharing campaigns on Twitter and let your engaged user base do the work for you!

An example of a bountyblok challenge involving Twitter gamification would look like this:

  1. Follow @companyX on Twitter
  2. Retweet @companyX’s tweet
  3. Receive your reward! (These could be digital assets, reward points, digital coupons to your e-commerce platform, access to an e-learning course, etc…)

Having this process be fully automated and auditable ensures that reliable records of completion are kept and aggregated, with no effort or workload for your company. While simple in form, this saves time, administrative costs, and ensures the targeted engagement came from legitimate sources all in a frictionless interface. This will also help you to convert passive followers into engaged followers, boosting your metrics and encouraging great organic growth going forward.’s Engagement Engine offers you better social media campaigns, better ROI on marketing investments, with less middlemen bloating the costs. is proud to be a leading innovator in this space, finding simple and practical solutions to help your business grow and thrive. This automation will allow you to test the waters of Distributed Ledger Technology in a friendly and simplified solution, while making your existing business more profitable and expanding your social media reach.

To find out more about and some of the existing and upcoming features head over to or drop us an email at You can also follow us on Twitter or find us on Telegram.

Gamification on the Blockchain

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