bountyblok Launches on the Proton Blockchain

3 min readFeb 7, 2022


bountyblok is thrilled to announce that their gamification tools are coming to the Proton blockchain, an EOSIO-based blockchain launched in 2020.

Who We Are

We believe in building tools that leverage blockchain technology that projects can use to facilitate user engagement.

bountyblok team

bountyblok is built for NFT Artists, brands, games and various projects who want to engage their followers with a set of tasks while earning rewards. It is also built for developers who want to add gaming mechanics inside their projects.

We are based in Montreal, Canada

Distribution Tool

WE ARE LIVE! Our feature-rich distribution tool is now live on PROTON. It allows you to distribute thousands of NFTs to your followers in just a few clicks. Reward users who completed a typeform, engaged with a tweet, are holding certain NFTs, completed entire sets, and more.

If you’re working on an NFT project on PROTON Mainnet and want access check out:

Atomicassets API

Our tools leverage’s atomicassets NFT standard and we decided to run our own infrastructure to host a public Atomicassets API for Proton Mainnet.

You can check it out here:

Block Producer

We are a block producer on the WAX Mainnet, and validators on Polygon, Velas and aelf mainnet.

We are also currently on the Proton Testnet for almost 10 days now and plan to register as a producer on Mainnet on the week of February 7, 2021.

To Conclude

We are excited to be part of the Proton ecosystem as of 2022 and we plan to keep all our tools free of use to the Proton end-users, NFT projects and brands, and to the overall community. is a gamification platform powered by blockchain technology.

To find out how you can easily and quickly incorporate bountyblok into your project, we’d love to hear from you:

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