bountyblok NFT Drop — Deploy, distribute and manage NFTs on WAX Mainnet

3 min readOct 30, 2020

Within the blockchain space, there is nothing better positioned to bring this technology mainstream than Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). NFTs are being used to represent everything; from virtual items, such as in-game weapons and skins, to real-life items, such as shoes, paintings, and trading cards.

Designing NFTs and the method through which they’ll be distributed to your user base is no easy feat. To ensure that each project looking to provide NFTs has the ability to do so, bountyblok has created our latest tool, the bountyblok NFT Drop. Through our intuitive UI, developers and non-developers alike, will be able to easily:

  • Randomization— Provide users with a provably fair outcome based on’s atmospheric noise algorithms
  • Mint NFTs on-demand — Generate each NFT when they are needed based on user interaction and promotional giveaway structures
  • Send packs or custom FTs— Recreate the nostalgia of opening a pack of trading cards by providing a pack built from specific contracts/tokens
  • Sort accounts and assets by minting number — Build your NFT generation rate to reflect the rarity/collectability/uniqueness that you want
  • Blacklist accounts — Need to block bad actors? Need to abide by certain regulations? We’ve built in some tools to help
  • Create snapshots — Save time and by saving account sets for future re-use

By integrating NFTs into either your marketing, user rewards, or sales strategy, you’ll instantly provide a strong incentive to your users, causing them to increase engagement, loyalty, and ambassadorship of your application. By giving your user provable ownership over something they value, you further cement the relationship. There is no easier way to achieve this than through the bountyblok NFT Drop.

We have chosen to leverage the NFT standard AtomicAssets, due to its wide-spread adoption on the WAX blockchain. Users will instantly have access to marketplaces and spaces in which they can show off their NFTs and trade them for other assets. This means that when you choose to deploy an NFT, bountyblok’s NFT Drop gives you the easiest way to deliver the most portable asset to your user.

“We couldn’t have been happier about working with bountyblok to create an NFT drop to our users. They responded to our needs immediately and allowed us to do in hours what we thought would have taken weeks!” -Joel Comm, member of the WAX Advisory Council, founder of Blockchain Heroes

Currently, we are whitelisting the NFT Drop feature so as to avoid someone spamming the network. If you’d like to join this list of your favorite projects that are actively leveraging the bountyblok NFT drop, please reach out to us.

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Head over to to browse and create your own NFTs. is a gamification platform powered by blockchain technology.

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