bountyblok on WAX — AUGUST 2021 UPDATE

3 min readAug 21, 2021

Megadeth coming to WAX


Megadeth just launched their landing page with details where the sale will happen later in the month.

NFT Distribution Tool

bountyblok has witnessed a surge of new applicants on WAX this month who required access to our tools in order to help them engage and distribute NFTs.

deadmau5: Series 2 on WAX

This week the RAREZ Team dropped a Series 2 promo NFT to over 2000 collectors from series 1. The series 2 is scheduled to go on sale on August 26th 2021.

Over 25 projects in the last 3 weeks alone have been whitelisted to access bountyblok tools to distribute their NFTs and engage their following. Some of them include,,, phantomsnftz,,, pixeltycoons,, neko22neko22,, streamingart, and many more.

Raider — Privateer Battlecruiser (Sticker)


Owners of BABYMETAL Series 1 started receiving the 10 BABYMETAL YEARS gold vinyl this month.


Thanks to bountyblok’s distribution tool the WAX team was able to easily distribute a massive 18,500 NFTs to all participants who engaged with the 100K WAX Milestone Tweet in just a few clicks.

The WAX collection authorized bountyblok to mint on demand approximately 100 atomicasset Mint Actions per Transaction. In under 5 minutes the WAX Team distributed approximately 18,500 NFTs.

AmeriMex comes to WAX

AmeriMex Solutions is a leader in Real Time Mobile Phone Recharges, allowing anyone to topup a balance on a mobile phone using WAX. The recharge is received instantly and the destination number can use the phone at once.

Check it out: Update

Embedded Claim Button

WAX.GIFTNFT.IO launched an embeddable “CLAIM NFT” button (currently in BETA Testing) allowing you to place it within your static web page in order to offer easy ways for users to claim an NFT. It is configurable and allows you specify a templateID, button styling, start/end dates, max claims, etc.

Ad Campaigns

Giftnft can now be used in marketing campaigns. The Ad below is an example of a live YouTube Ads campaign that sends users to the Green NFT landing page where they can claim their free NFT.

These are customizable landing pages which also tracks certain analytics such as if the Claimer is a newly created account or an existing account. is a gamification platform powered by blockchain technology.

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