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Harmonia Goya’s Land

Our friends at playtix.io are building, as far as we know, the first Animal Crossing-like blockchain game.

What is Harmonia Goya’s Land?

Harmonia Goya’s Land is the first blockchain game combining a farming simulation with quests to take care of your residents, customize your farm and create items and clothing. Collect different types of NFTs with some impacting the real-world and use governance tokens to access the entire AR/VR ecosystem. Items that the player interacts with gain in value and can be resold or rented on the marketplace for profit.


Find out more here: https://harmoniagoya.io/


The Novopangea Players Hub (hub.novopangea.io) is now open for all members. Players can now see their collection of cards inside of the Players as well as the Creator Credits they have earned thus far. They opened a voting round to beta testers to ensure voting functionality was working correctly.

After successfully passing the Q&A they have now opened up a 2nd round of story mode voting to all users.


The land claim event for those that have been accumulating Creator Credits will be open on January 19th. Players will be able to go in and redeem land claims in preparation for the upcoming release of Novopangea game mode. Players will be able to use their credits to choose land claims across any of the six realms.

The first phase of the game mode which will be economy play is expected to be released in Q1 of this year.


Waxify is the first Shopify app that provides artists, brands, and other online retailers a simple way to bundle digital collectibles minted on the Wax blockchain and physical items from one storefront in the same transaction.

This plugin was developer by masscult.co, a US-based company with ties to large brands and IPs such as Megadeth, Slipknot, and more.



The plugin essentially allows you to bundle digital collectibles with physical items on your storefront. Easily sell packs, redeemable NFTs, recurring membership and many other features.

If you’re looking expand your online retail store by linking your physical goods with NFTs don’t hesitate to send them an email: waxify@masscult.co

You check find out more here: https://masscult.co/waxify/


Our distribution tool this month whitelisted 16 new NFT project collections on WAX:

fadedmonsuta, monmonmontst, sublimesound, nonfungdrugs, minotaurfarm, gfxcollector, topnotchwaxp, funmanbobyjo, cryptoyunart, waxiestraces, cryptopuppyz, promos.nftnt, zos, grannysmagic, terrorcards1, deadincitydc

There have been approximately 1,530 distributions in the last 30 days amounting to over 500K NFTs either minted on demand, or transferred out across the community.

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