bountyblok on WAX — NOVEMBER 2021 UPDATE

3 min readNov 29, 2021

⚡️ A lot has happened since last update! You can also check out October’s updates here.

bountyblok + novopangea

We are excited to announce our official technical partnership with The California-based team has been using our bountyblok tools to engage their community and easily deliver promotional NFTs for their participation.

You can find them on

In a recent promotional campaign, bountyblok helped novopangea distribute 5,000 NFTs seamlessly !


The new WAX distribution tool is now LIVE with even more features. This new slick UI makes it easier to operate and distribute your NFTs to the community.

With over 325 projects (and growing) leveraging this tool, and hundreds of thousands of NFTs distributed on WAX, this tool has proven how much time can be saved by projects and teams promoting user engagement.

Joel’s quote

The bountyblok WAX NFT drop tool has proven to be a GODSEND for me and my team. Over the past 18 months, I’ve had the need to drop over 100,000 NFTs to wallets who have purchased a membership, earned NFTs or were targeted for promotional drops. It’s safe to say that we have created at least 200 unique drops that were only made possible with the bountyblok tool. Without this tool, I simply would NOT have been able to serve our customers in the way that was needed. Thank you SO much Dmitri and Saddam! — Joel Comm, CEO of The Nifty Company, Inc. (Blockchain Heroes, The Bitcoin Collection, Draco Dice, BroPunks)

WAX Mainnet is constantly growing in terms of transactions, sales, and NFT creations. As such, the infrastructure required for this tool alone is constantly growing to serve the demand. With the help of’s atomicassets DB, it allows us to host our own copy of the database and to perform custom SQL queries directly to the “NFT” database. This direct connection provides the speed which allows for fast UI querying and data filtering, to easily find for instance who has completed a set, and reward them.

You can also check out the review by

on YouTube:

Do not hesitate to share our Tweet about the distribution tool. NFT Projects looking to engage their community can apply for access here:


In collaboration with WAX we launched a promotional campaign for the upcoming event NFT BZL. has gifted over 25,000 NFTs from 740 Collections on WAX Mainnet. This gifting tool has been very popular because it allows you to easily Gift NFTs to anyone with or without a Wallet, as well as run promotional campaigns. For more info simply send us an email!

In addition, you can find the link to easily gift an NFT on is a gamification platform powered by blockchain technology.

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