bountyblok Partners with Polygon to Bring Gamification Tools to Blockchain Applications, NFT Artists, Brands and more

2 min readMar 16, 2021

bountyblok is excited to announce a partnership with Polygon (formerly Matic Network). With Polygon’s Layer 2 scaling solution drawing the interest of many incredible blockchain applications, bountyblok will provide its best-in-class gamification tools to developers and NFT artists who are migrating. This will enable them to easily track challenges, user progress, achievements earned and implement many other experience-enhancing gaming mechanics.

At present, the Ethereum blockchain has been a challenge for the thousands of developers due to low throughput combined with high gas costs and slow block creation times, greatly limiting its usability. Polygon offers developers an easy path forward, being EVM compatible, rapid block creation times, and an easy transition for end-users who wish to use many of the same wallets they are already used to.

Thanks to the rich tools and services offered already by Polygon, business tools such as bountyblok are quickly able to leverage the blockchain technology without any friction. We are excited to begin working with the incredible teams who have already begun working on Polygon.

To date, bountyblok has tracked over 18 million on-chain transactions, providing our users a simple-to-use dashboard to follow challenges and tasks. Many of our users report this as being their best methods to drive down customer acquisition costs, while also boosting end user satisfaction and retention.

bountyblok + Polygon

Through this partnership, bountyblok will provide its gamification portal to applications building on Polygon to incorporate gamification mechanics within their applications. This will allow them to manage challenges, tasks, XP points, leaderboards, custom achievements, NFT rewards and more.

bountyblok will also offer our NFT airdrop tools to NFT projects, to brands bringing their IP to the blockchain space, and various artists who wish to engage their following via social media, telegram and other social platforms. is a gamification platform powered by blockchain technology.

To find out how you can easily and quickly incorporate bountyblok into your project, we’d love to hear from you:

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