EOS UPDATE: bountyblok powers EOS with new NFT distribution tool, receives ENF recognition grant and more.

2 min readNov 17, 2021


EOS NFT Distribution Tool

We are excited to be launching our NFT distribution tool on the EOS Mainnet allowing NFT projects, brands, artists and various IPs to easily engage with their following by rewarding them with NFTs for completing certain tasks.

With over 300 projects (and growing) leveraging this tool, and hundreds of thousands of NFTs distributed on WAX, this tool has proven how much time can be saved by projects and teams promoting user engagement.

The distribution tool allows you to easily reward users who hold certain NFTs, an entire collection, when they hold all the “uncommon” cards of a set, when they simply engage with a promotional Tweet, when they complete a typeform, and many other different ways.

Using bountyblok’s distribution tool allows creators like .gems to unlock our creativity, enabling rich NFT collection design choices that includes rewarding existing NFT collectors. — says Stéphane Bisson Co-Founder of .gems & EOS Nation

If you’re working on a project and think you could leverage this tool, apply for access here: eos.drop.bountyblok.io.

EOS Network Foundation

We are thrill to announce that the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) has awarded bountyblok with a $100,000 recognition grant.

bountyblok went live in July 2019, on EOS Mainnet, and have since been close with the community.

Read more about the EOS Network Foundation: https://bywire.news/articles/a-new-genesis-for-the-eos-ecosystem

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