bountyblok on WAX — SEPTEMBER 2021 UPDATE

4 min readSep 21, 2021

A lot has happened since last update ! You can check out last month’s updates here.

One of the bigger news that caught our attention here at bountyblok was the WAX EVM announcement.

WAX Blockchain Announces Ethereum Virtual Machine and Ethereum Bridge Development and 100 Million WAX Token Fund for DeFi Innovation

Let’s face it, Solidity smart contract developers have been around much longer than EOSIO/C++ and are the largest community of devs in the blockchain world. Bringing EVM to WAX opens up a lot of opportunities for both the ecosystem, and for us at bountyblok.

September Highlight


In collaboration with Monomyth, we have successfully brought AND launched Megadeth on WAX in August and the sale went live on the 26th.

We are thrilled to see a large metal band tweet about WAX NFTs and expose them to their Cyber Army community (Megadeth’s official fan club).

You can check out the official announcement here:

After the successful launch of BABYMETAL SERIES 1, SERIES 2 was announced and launched last week. This exposure to the BABYMETAL fan base has been great for WAX because it exposed them with NFTs and fans simply loved to be part of it.

You can check out the official announcement here:

AmeriMex, World Leader in Mobile Mins and Top-Ups, officially launched their products via leveraging WAX blockchain technology.

AmeriMex Solutions strategy is to bring telecom services that have previously only been available to web savvy individuals to a population that has no computer knowledge or internet access. You might say that AmeriMex helps people cross the “Digital Divide”. AmeriMex accomplishes this goal by having merchants who do have access to the internet log onto the AmeriMex web portal and enter the data necessary for the individuals to be able to experience the same level of custom telecom features and benefits that a web oriented person could achieve on their own.

We are thrilled to see them adopt WAX as the currency for purchasing Mobile Minutes to prepaid phones across the globe.

bountyblok has been quite busy with whitelisting new projects on WAX! Over 20 new projects on WAX got whitelisted to use our tools in the last few weeks, here’s a few:

Funko launched a massive promotional campaign on twitter to promote their Big Boy Funko Digital Pop! launch. is a gamification platform powered by blockchain technology.

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